“Hey,” she said kindly, grabbing his chin and turning it towards her. “You may have managed to completely mess up, but you can still try to take advantage of your state, you know, and ask me to help heal you.”

“I thought you just said you were shite at healing spells?” he asked, suspicion clouding his gray eyes.

“I am,” Ginny said, playing with the palm of his left hand. “But I can think of more creative ways to make you feel better. Just tell me where it hurts.”

Saying so, she placed a tiny kiss on the mottled bruise near his collarbone.

His eyes lit up and his frown slowly disappeared as he watched her press her deliciously pink mouth along his arm.

“Everywhere. It hurts everywhere, Gin,” he told her excitedly when she slid a warm hand underneath his shirt and ran it up and down his abdomen softly and soothingly.

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